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The same way athletes train for weeks to prepare themselves for a race, they should follow a nutrition plan that helps muscles adapt and store the maximum energy possible. Another race-day nutrtition tip is to study the race course in advance and the type of food that will be provided at aid stations so they […]

Long-distance races are not only a physical challenge, but also a psychological one. If you’ve been training well, you’ll notice that the first thing to fail will not be your legs nor your lungs, but your brain. Keeping focused during an entire race might be the biggest challenge, and although there is not one recipe […]

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Gels are athletes most favored form of fuel during a race. But what is it in these small packs of power that gives us so much energy? Gels differ from product to product and sometimes, athletes take them not knowing what they are made of or if the product they chose has the best composition […]

Skyrace Comapedrosa nutrition

At 21km, Skyrace Comapedrosa is the shortest race of the season. This means, different preparation and nutrition is required. Here are 5 ways to fuel your body for shorter races from the nutrition experts at PROZIS: Comapedrosa 2018 – MRSWS © Short races are those which last between 1 hour and 4 hours at a […]