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Regeneration and recovery after a race is equally important as the race itself. The supercompensation theory suggests that after strenuous, high-intensity activity, with adequate rest and regeneration, the body bounces back even stronger than before, adjusting itself so you can handle more stress and train at an even higher level. Nutrition plays a critical role […]

Every skyrunner knows – heat is the enemy of performance. Studies show that running performance decreased by 2-3 minutes in elite marathon competitors when the temperature increased from 10 – 25°C. For this reason, 2-3 weeks of acclimatization before a competition is advised so the body can adapt to the environment and reduce the risks associated […]

Planning a run in the Alps this weekend? Remember, these mountains are well-known for their unpredictable weather conditions, especially at this time of year and therefore require extra nutritional planning. Cold environments, alone or with altitude exposure, can cause adverse conditions such as breathing discomfort associated with reactive airways, freezing and non-freezing cold injury, and […]

When you are running and moving for long periods of time, you need to compensate for the nutrients and fluids your body loses. Stay hydrated and energized for your next Sky Race by sticking to the following do’s and don’ts from the nutrition experts at PROZIS: Do: take small bites and mouthfuls of energy bars, […]