4 Expert Tips for Pre-Race Nutrition - Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series

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Matterhorn Ultraks, 2018, Switzerland. ©MRSWS / David Carlier

What you eat prior to your Sky Race will fuel your performance throughout. Prepare your body for big climbs, steep descents and tough terrain by following these 4 pre-race tips from the nutrition experts at PROZIS.

#1: Increase your carbohydrate intake 4 hours before the race. Carbohydrates are stored in the muscles as glycogen and used as a source of fuel. A full glycogen storage tank will prevent you from “hitting the wall” at a later stage in the race.

#2: Drink a medium-sized, (500 ml for an athlete weighing 50 kg) high-sodium beverage over a period of 60 minutes 2 hours before you start. This will increase plasma volume, prevent muscle cramps and maintains the fluid balance within the body, helping you absorb water so that you can stay better hydrated – especially important if it’s hot and humid on race day.

#3: Your pre-run meal should consist mostly of carbohdyrates with a moderate amount of lean protein to build and repair muscle tissue. Keep fat and fibre to a minimum to avoid gastrointestinal upsets and allow your body enough time to digest.

#4: Consume a high-carb drink or snack 30-60 minutes before the race for some quick fuel.


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