Rules 2018 - Skyrunner® World Series

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RULES 2018
Chapter I: Generalities

The Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series (“MRSWS”) is the official International Skyrunning Federation (“ISF”) race circuit for mountain running.
It is composed of 18 races in 12 countries on 3 continents.
Its objective is to establish who is the best Skyrunner in the World; a Skyrunner being someone able to face any type of mountain with technicality, speed and intensity.
Sky Races are characterised by factors such as distance, elevation, altitude, climbing difficulty and run all terrain including snow and glaciers.
SkyMan SA (“SkyMan”) is the official and authorised ISF agent managing the MRSWS.
The full calendar is to be found on the website.

Chapter II: Race Rules

The Series is officially sanctioned by the ISF.
As such, the MRSWS follows the ISF rules, with certain additional requirements as outlined below.

For the 2018 season, MRSWS shall feature two race categories:

2.1. Sky Classic

Distance 22 km < Classic < 50 km
Average Elevation 7.5 %
Difference of min/max altitude 1,000 m

2.2. Sky Extra

Distance 50 km < Extra < 75 km
Average Elevation 6.5 %
Difference of min/max altitude 1,000 m

Sky Extra races will be graded from 1 to 3 based using a mix of the following factors:

  • Altitude (average and maximum reached)
  • Peak reach
  • Run on Snow/Glacier
  • Grade II climbing difficulty
  • Increased elevation percentage.

Grade 3 will be equivalent to 2017 Extreme races.

2.3. Tolerance
SkyMan reserves the right to waive criteria in specific circumstances.


There will be a total of five bonus races (three for Sky Classic and two for Sky Extra) that will reward an extra 50% bonus points.


At each race, points will be attributed to the top twenty finishers in a symmetric manner for men and women according to the following grid.

Pos. Men and Women Pos. Men and Women
1 100 11 22
2 80 12 18
3 70 13 16
4 60 14 14
5 54 15 12
6 48 16 10
7 42 17 8
8 36 18 6
9 30 19 4
10 26 20 2


For the 2018 Season, three Rankings will be published all receiving prize money with an emphasis on the “Overall Ranking”.

5.1. Sky Classic
Takes into account the season’s five best results for each athlete.

5.2. Sky Extra
Takes into account the season’s four best results for each athlete.

5.3. Overall
Athletes scoring points in any race will enter the Overall Ranking. Their two best results in each category will count for the final ranking.

5.4. Tie Break rules
If at the end of the season two athletes are tied, the following rules will apply until the tie is broken:

  • Addition of results not counted
  • Number of first places
  • Number of second places, etc.
  • Winner of head to head confrontation, starting with the latest confrontation.


At the conclusion of the Series, the first male and female competitors with the highest score will be declared

  • “Sky Classic 2018 Skyrunner® World Series Champion”
  • “Sky Extra 2018 Skyrunner® World Series Champion”
  • “Overall 2018 Skyrunner® World Series Champion”


7.1. End of Season Bonus Pool
SkyMan shall distribute an “End of Season Bonus Pool” totalling 66,000 EUR.
It will be split equally between men and women as per the following table.

Position Sky Classic Sky Extra Overall
1 5,000 EUR 5,000 EUR 10,000 EUR
2 2,500 EUR 2,500 EUR 3,000 EUR
3 1,500 EUR 1,500 EUR 2,000 EUR
TOTAL 9,000 EUR 9,000 EUR 15,000 EUR

7.2. Eligibility
The End of Season Bonus Pool will only be distributed to athletes who fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Sky Classic
    The athlete must have started at least three races.
  2. Sky Extra
    The athlete must have started at least two races.
  3. Overall
    The athlete must have started at least four races with at least one in each category.

Should an athlete ranked in the top three at the end of the season not be eligible, the prize-money will be distributed to the next eligible athlete.


In order to receive the end of season Bonus Pool prize money, an athlete ranked in the top three on any of the three final rankings is required to be physically present at the prize-giving ceremony of the final race in each race category (ultimate race for the overall).


Every race can have only one male and one female winner.
Any perceived tie will be determined by a photo finish or other control system.
If the photo finish shows a perfect tie, then the SkyMan Jury will make a final decision.


10.1. Finish line photo
The first two athletes must wait in the finish line area for the third finisher for the “finish line photo”.

10.1.1. Winners’ obligation
The winner will be requested to wear a “MRSWS Winner Cap” supplied and branded by a sportwear manufacturer and/or wear a “MRSWS Winner Bib”.

10.2. Official Podium
The top three athletes of each race must attend the official podium / prize-giving ceremony.
Their presence is compulsory to receive the prize-money.

Chapter III: Entry and Registration


Starting in 2018, SkyMan will implement an “Athletes Management System” that allows a better flow of information between the parties (i.e. Races, Athletes, SkyMan).
Athletes will receive credentials to access their personal account containing all their data.
The System will allow athletes to express interest in a race and to confirm or cancel participation.


12.1. Individual event
All races of the Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series are individual races.

12.2. Minimum age
It is open to any man or woman at least 18 years of age during 2018.
(i.e. born in or before year 2000)


13.1. Limited entries
The organisers are entitled to limit the number of entries including Elite athletes.

13.2. Seeding
13.2.1. Eligibility

  1. Ranking eligibility
    The top seven men and top three women athletes entering the race (according to the 52-Week Ranking eight weeks before the race) will receive specific benefits.
  2. Wild Cards
    In addition to the above, three men and two women will receive wild cards. They will therefore receive specific benefits independently of their ranking.
    Subjective criteria such as nationality, a promising novice, a renowned athlete, etc. will be taken into consideration for the wild card allocation.

13.2.2. Benefits

  1. Free Entry
  2. Accommodation
    Two nights in a double room, eventually on a sharing basis with another athlete.

13.2.3. Obligations
Seeded athletes receive these benefits in return for providing the following:

  • Allowing their name and fame to be used in promoting the Series and individual races
  • Presence at the press conference / athlete’s presentation as per race organiser requirements
  • Starting the race
  • Presence at prize giving
  • Be available for post-race interviews, etc.
  • Actively promote the Series on social media using the proper hashtags and handles.

13.3. Disengagement and no show
13.3.1. Disengagement

If after having registered, an athlete is unable to attend the race, they will have to immediately inform SkyMan via the Athletes Management System.
If the cancellation takes place less than two weeks before the event, the athlete is required to provide a medical certificate justifying their withdrawal from the race.

13.3.2. No Show
Not showing at the start for any reason without informing the organiser and SkyMan via Athletes Management System will automatically result in a sanction as per Article 11.3.3.

13.3.3. Sanction
Unjustified withdrawals and no shows will result in non-eligibility for the End of Season Bonus Pool.

Chapter IV: Competition Rules


14.1. Equipment
Athletes competing in MRSWS will be required at all times during the race to carry:

  • A long sleeved windproof jacket of proper size
  • Any equipment required by the race organiser

Failure to respect this rule will result in a penalty of 20 points in all rankings.

14.2. Obligation to wear a shirt
It is compulsory to wear a shirt (or similar) and shorts during the whole duration of the race.
Failure to respect this rule will result in a penalty of 20 points in all rankings.

14.3. Poles
The use of poles is subject to each organiser’s local rules.


15.1. Starting a race
An athlete that crosses the start line is reputed to have participated in the race.

15.2. Elite Start Box
Official MRSWS registered athletes will be entitled to start in the first wave.

Athletes can only receive aid from third parties in the zone around the official aid stations.
No other external aid will be accepted.
Failure to respect this rule will result in a cumulative 20 points penalty per occurrence.


17.1. Withdrawal from the race
Competitors may withdraw on their own initiative or be forced to retire by the Race Director or one of the medical staff present.

17.2. Disqualification
Athletes shall be disqualified for:

  • Not participating at the awards ceremony without just cause
  • Refusal to undergo anti-doping tests or a positive result in an anti-doping test

Attention is drawn by the organisers to respect the integrity and ethics of the sport. Competitors shall abstain from any doping practice.
The list of forbidden substances and methods (in competition) is according to WADA in force at the time of the competition.
The organisers reserve the right to conduct anti-doping tests. Competitors must accept to submit to such tests.


19.1. Series Management
The MRSWS is managed by SkyMan SA and is responsible for:

  • Enforcing the Specific MRSWS Rules & Regulations
  • Acting as Jury for MRSWS R&R Protests
  • Distributing the End of Season Bonus Pool prize money

19.2. Final Decision
Any decision made by SkyMan in relations to these rules shall be final.


  • Each competitor must have personal insurance against accidents and any damage.
  • SkyMan SA is an independent entity from any organiser.


  • Competitors take part in a competition under their sole responsibility and at their own risk. Competitors waive any claim or recourse against the organisers and SkyMan SA, whatever the damage suffered.
  • In case of accident, any liability of the organisers and SkyMan SA, their officers, employees, agents, auxiliaries, volunteers is expressly excluded to the full extent permitted by law.
  • Each competitor expressly allows the organisers and SkyMan SA, as well as its licensees and co-contractors, such as media and sponsors, to use images and film of the competition, including the preparation and follow-up phases, where they could appear in the context of their participation in a MRSWS race, on any medium, including promotional and/or advertising documents and without limitation in time and space.
    Participation in the competition does not confer any right to use the race and/or the Series for promotional or commercial purposes. Any communication on the competition or use of images of the race is forbidden subject to an express and written authorisation from the organisers and /or SkyMan SA. Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series is a registered trademark.