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It’s the most wanted piece of clothing in the skyrunning world – the iconic, red and white Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series Winner’s bib. All the best skyrunners including Kilian Jornet, Emelie Forsberg, Luis Alberto, Ruy Ueda and Sheila Avilés, have at least one of these hanging up in their wardrobe at home, and now, we’re giving you the chance to get your hands on one too.

Unlike those guys, you don’t have to race across a ridge or win a prestigious skyrace. All you have to do is know your skyrunners and do your homework on the 2019 season. Think you can do that? Then read on to find out how to enter.

Run Ueda Migu Run Skyrunner World Series Winner's Bib Competition

©MRSWS / Sho Fujimaki

How to Enter:

As the 2019 season comes to an end, the overall ranking is starting to shape up…or is it?! Each week, from now until the week before the SkyMasters, on the 19th of October, we will post a photograph of a past winner, wearing their winner’s bib, on the official Skyrunning FacebookTwitter and Instagram. To be in with a chance of winning, you must try and guess who the 2019 overall winners – male and female – will be and name them in the comment section below, as well as tag a friend to take a guess too. You can guess once, twice or every week until the last week before the final.

The winner will be chosen at random from the list of correct answers and announced after the SkyMasters. The lucky one will receive their bib, signed by the overall winners, sent to them after the last race of the season.

Now all that’s left to do is get to work with your guessing. Don’t forget to take a look at how the overall ranking is looking right now and follow the next few races very carefully.

Good luck and get ready for the first image that will be posted this week.


Emelie Forberg and Kilian Jornet in the Migu Run Skyrunner World Series Winner's bib

©MRSWS / Albert Jorquera