Welcome to the breathtaking world of skyrunning, where the earth and sky unite! We invite you to witness the ultimate challenge as we present the Skyrunner® World Series. Brace yourself for 13 iconic races across the globe, where elite athletes will compete to be crowned the best Skyrunner® of 2023.

Each race in the Skyrunner® World Series is a true test of skill, endurance, and bravery, set amidst jaw-dropping scenery, including glaciers, knife-edge ridges, and technical terrain. Courses are typically between 20-30 km long, with elevations of over 2,000 m, and combine runnable trails with highly technical terrain, including sharp ridges, snowy climbs, and steep rocky descents.

From the Alps to the Andes, the Skyrunner World Series selects only the best SkyRaces in stunning locations worldwide. This attracts the fastest and most fearless skyrunners, who strive to achieve the distinction of being crowned the best in the world. The top-performing male and female athletes are declared champions at the end of the season.

Competing for points throughout the year, athletes aim to qualify for the exclusive final race of the season, the SkyMasters. This year the Series will offer its largest prize money pool yet – €100,000, distributed among the top ten athletes of the overall ranking, including €20,000 for the winners alone. This is in addition to the prize money awarded after each individual race.

Mark your calendar for April 29th, and join us as we kick off a brand new season of the Skyrunner World Series. Be part of the excitement as we witness athletes push themselves to the limit, and experience the thrill of skyrunning.

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