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Ruy Ueda of Japan wins Livigno SkyMarathon after dominating the men’s race from start to finish. After an intense fight between the top five women, Sheila Avilés takes home the win for the girls at the sixth race of the Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series. Both world-class athletes will be awarded double points for their win at the […]

Livigno SkyMarathon

Livigno Skymarathon, sixth race of the Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series, presents strongest lineup of the season so far. Despite changes being made to the course due to deep snow at high altitude, race officials guarantee B-course will remain as spectacular as possible. Livigno SkyMarathon 2018 © MRSWS/ iancorless.com All-Star Lineup A truly international lineup of over 70 elite athletes […]

Petter Engdahl Skyrunning Workout

As an athlete who spends his entire year in the mountains, skiing in the winter and skyrunning in the summer, Petter Engdahl knows what it takes to train the body, especially the legs, for copious amounts of elevation. As he prepares to defend his title this weekend at the 34 km with 2,700m vertical gain, […]