The Skyrunner® World Series will return to the Island of La Palma for the first time since 2019. The Island will host the first race of the 2024 Skyrunner® World Series, Ancantilados del Norte Skyrace. While this marks the circuit’s first race announcement for 2024, it will be followed by a series of race announcements from now until the SkyMasters in Limone on the 28th of October, where the full 20+ race calendar will be unveiled. 


The Spanish Canary Island of La Palma is set to host the first race of the 2024 skyrunning season with Acantilados del Norte Skyrace on the 2nd of March. From sea to summit, the 29 km Skyrace course with 2,200 meters of elevation gain runs along the historic trails and cliffs of the north coast of La Palma, featuring steep climbs, fast descents, electric energy, and spectacular sea views. Although new to the circuit, the event is no stranger to world-class athletes with elite skyrunners including Ragna Debats, Antonio Martinez and Manuel Merillas already having competed in previous editions.

Race organiser, Jairo Ponce, comments:

“The aborigines of La Palma used these trails and held competitions here more than 2,000 years ago. Now, we are lucky that skyrunners from around the world will be able to discover this part of the island and we look forward to watching the world’s best compete here. As an organiser it is an honour to be able to host a World Series event here. This was something we dreamed of achieving one day. We look forward to opening the 2024 season next year.” 


The announcement of Acantilados del Norte Skyrace is the first of many to come from the Skyrunner® World Series as the circuit plans to disclose its NEW 2024 races each week until the SkyMasters at the end of October.

The 2024 calendar will run from March to November and is set to include over 20 races in 15 countries, spanning three continents – America, Asia, and Europe. There will be new SkyMasters qualifying rules in place and an updated points system for the overall ranking. 

Skyrunner® World Series representative, Andres Olivera, comments:

“Our main objective with 2024 was to be able to bring the circuit back to where it was in 2019 – a truly global circuit with a variety of races and in unique destinations. In recent months we have explored different geographical areas and events in order to bring together the best combination.

The 2024 calendar will run from March to November, with races in America, Europe, and Asia. The circuit will be diverse and will seek to promote new locations together with the opportunity to discover new talent. This calendar will bring many surprises and new motivations for the participants.

I was lucky enough to visit the North Cliffs on the Island of La Palma in the Canary Islands this year. It is a unique route from point to point, which takes you from the sea to the sky, every curve, every rise and fall are poetry for the eyes. These historic trails will be something to talk about in the coming season. We are very happy that Acantilados Del Norte will be the race that opens the Skyrunner World Series in 2024.”

The complete calendar and full information on the points system, SkyMasters qualification, and ranking, shall be unveiled at the 2023 SkyMasters on the 28th of October.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming soon.


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