The skyrunning community witnessed an exhilarating display of skill and determination as Italy’s Nadir Maguet and Anastacia Rubtsova emerged victorious at the prestigious Skyrace des Matheysins.

Skyrace des Matheysins, renowned for its challenging terrain and breathtaking vistas, attracted the top elite athletes from around the globe to test their limits in the heart of the French Alps. Against a backdrop of rugged peaks and sweeping valleys, Maguet and Rubtsova showcased their unparalleled talent and endurance, conquering the demanding course with remarkable speed and precision.

The third stage of the Merrell Skyrunner® World Series was broadcasted live around the world for fans to watch the incredible race unfold, and it did not disappoint.

Nadir Maguet (team La Sportiva) of Italy, demonstrated his mastery of the mountains with a commanding performance, navigating treacherous ridges and vertiginous ascents with finesse to take home his first SWS winner’s bib.

After starting the race in fourth place until kilometre 10, Maguet climbed through the ranking until he reached the final descent in 2nd place, just minutes behind Frederic Tranchand of France (team Scott). It wasn’t until Tranchand took a wrong turn just two kilometres from the finish line that Maguet came into first place and secured his new title as the 2024 Skyrace des Matheysins champion with a time of 2h25’43”.

Daniel Antonioli, (team Scarpa) also of Italy, finished 90 seconds behind in second place, followed by Manuel Merillas (team New Balance) of Spain, two minutes behind Maguet.

In the women’s race, Anastacia Rubtsova, exhibited sheer tenacity and athleticism as she surged ahead of her rivals, leaving the rest of the female field for dust – even after a three-day journey to arrive at the start line and racing in brand-new Merrell test shoes. 

After overtaking America’s Bailey Kowalczyk (team Nike Trail), at kilometre seven, Rubtsova was untouchable. It was an emotional finish for the female winner who cried at the finish line after her incredible victory. With a winning time of 2h53’52”, Rubtsova finished seven minutes ahead of Alice Bausseron of France. Kowalczyk was able to make an impressive comeback after falling back into sixth place a the top of the final summit, Le Tabor, and close the female podium in third place, ten minutes behind the first woman.

In the Under 23 category, Lorenzo Rota (team Scarpa) of Italy pulled off a staggering performance, finishing top 10 overall and taking home the 2nd U23 winner’s bib of the season. Carrodilla Cabestre (team La Sportiva) of Spain was the female U23 winner of the day. 

The third stage of the Merrell Skyrunner® World Series season awarded prize money to the top 10 male and females overall and points towards the overall ranking and U23 ranking. 

The next race of the season will be Skyrace Gorges du Tarn in France on the 18th of May 2024.

Full results can be found here:


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